SEO, we love this word, right? Maybe sometimes hate it too , But without SEO we can’t rank our post in SERPS. Do you want to know New SEO Techniques to promote your websites and blogs through which you can rank your post? If yes, then here is a guide on advanced SEO techniques. Using these techniques, you can definitely beat your competitors and enjoy more traffic on your blog! So let’s start!

What Is SEO?

I know that you’re definitely aware of this word, but still, I need to tell you about it. So SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation Course. It is the key to rank any website in search engines.

Do you think that You can rank any post on Google by just writing a detailed guide?

If you think so, then you’re absolutely wrong!

Yes, writing content doesn’t work anymore! See the competition out there, do you think your competitors are fools writing posts on their blog?

Everybody wants floods of traffic, and you can’t get that just by writing content.

According to Brian Dean – Backlinko  After publishing content you’ve done only the first step! Much more is left to rank that content.

Sorry, as I don’t know the exact lines ?, but it’s true.

I am not doing more chit chat on this topic now. I just wanted to tell you that you can’t rank your content without SEO.

And mark my wordsBecause that’s the harsh truth 🙂

What Are Advanced SEO Techniques?

SEO contains many tips and techniques. Some are for beginners and some for advanced bloggers. I assume that you know the basics of SEO like – keyword optimization, title optimization, URL rewriting, meta tags, etc. As these are some aspects for SEO beginners. If you don’t know them simple search for Google because I can’t tell all this stuff on this post.

I also assume that you might be knowing some of the techniques below and if so then do read as their might be some points which you don’t know.

I’ve mentioned both On-page SEO ranking factors and Off-page SEO techniques in this post. So don’t get confused.

Advanced SEO Techniques

Hungry for the techniques? Without more chit chat, let’s start:-

1. Outbound Linking

You know this term, right? But you don’t implement it? You’re making a big mistake!

Outbound links play a vital role in ranking a post.

You need to tell Google that you really want to help users.

If you can’t explain a point in a post, simply outbound a related link to any authority blog.

You’re afraid of giving a link to another blog, right? You don’t need too! Because Google likes outbound links in a post. 

Always keep outbound links do follow.

That’s the key! You need to keep outbound link do follow so that Google can extract data from it.

Outbound links help search engines to know what exactly a post is all about.

Ok, let’s take an example –

You are writing a post about product A, which is named as XYZ. The company URL which you are referring is But what if another product exists with the same name? How will Google know which one you’re pointing at? Here Outbound links SEO play their role. You simple, give a link to original product URL with a dofollow attribute. If you keep it no follow, then Google might have problems fetching details about the product.

That’s why experienced blogger always gives an outbound link in a post. Though they might have an authority blog, still they give.

So you need to give a link to an authority blog so that Google can find your post relevant.

That’s it! I don’t want to tell more about it here. If you want to know more about it, then go to this post from Moz blog.

See, how I gave an outbound link to a high authority blog like Moz?

If you want to know more about SEO and blogging, then check out The Blogging Arena where you can get helpful blogging related articles.

2. Link Building

You already know about it, right? Backlinks play a key role in ranking a blog.

Okay, use Ahrefs or any other backlink finder to find the backlinks of a blog like – Moz, Neil Patel, etc.

Shocked, right? They have thousands of backlinks which help these blogs to get ranked on SERPS. And guess what? The all are relevant and have very less spam-score.

Newbies think that – “Getting backlinks from comments will do the work.” But that isn’t the truth!

You can’t get rankings only through nofollow backlinks. You need dofollow as well as nofollow backlinks for your blog.

The ratio which I personally use is 7:3 or 8:2. Which means that for every ten backlinks you need 7 dofollow and 3 nofollow.

Implementing this ration will help you from not getting penalized.

There are many ways to get natural backlinks, which include- guest blogging, quality posting, etc.

Additional Reading:- Find Competitor Backlinks Analysis for SEO

3. Implementing LSI Keywords

LSI or Long Semantic Indexing keywords are the words which help search engines to get the topic of the post and check it’s relevancy.

Using LSI keywords, you can help Google to know what the post is all about.

For example – If you’re writing a review of Apple MacBook then how Google will be aware that you’re talking about fruit or the company? Only using LSI keywords. Just add keywords like – MacBook, Steve Jobs, iPhone like keywords which are related to Apple company.

You must use LSI keywords in your posts to get your post ranked in SERPS.

If you want to know about LSI keywords on your topic, then you can use LSIGraph tool. I’ve used this tool personally and would recommend you to use it.

LSI keywords can also help you rank a post for multiple keywords!

For example – If you’re writing a post about the Apple company. You can write an in-depth article and include keywords like – Macbook review, iPhone review, etc. So your post can get ranked for keywords like MacBook, iPhone. etc.

Note – For the above technique to work you require a good DA and PA blog. It’s not necessary that your post will get ranked but will have higher chances to get ranked for those keywords.

4. Provide Good User Experience

Do you know that If anyone clicks on a search result of your blog and gets back to Google within some seconds, your rankings can go down!

Yes, the time which a user gets stuck on your blog matters too much. Google loves their searches, and so want they to show the most relevant results to them, so the user experience is the key on ranking.

The problem I referred above is known as Pogo Sticking.

You need to avoid this issue to get ranked for any keyword. You can provide images and videos on a post to prevent this issue.

Moreover, you need to provide content which users are looking for. For example- If are writing a post about sheep but you are telling more about the tiger, will users read it? Never!

So you need to write relevant and quality content on your blog to avoid Google penalizing your blog.

Also making backlinks for nonsense posts will not help you. It will give you rankings for some time, but you’ll go out of SERPS in few days if you don’t have compelling content.

5. Social Signals

Social signals help search engines determining trending content. Will you ever rank a post which has no shares? Will you ever rank a post which readers don’t find useful? Never!

Social signals are as important as backlinks to rank a piece of content Improve Search Ranking Using Social Media.

Without them, you can’t rank a post in SERPS. And with them, you can rank a post without backlinks!

Interesting, right? You can get more social shares by simply writing quality content and sharing it daily on your social profiles.

Google Plus is the most important source to get rankings. As it is owned by Google, so they have complete analytics of sharing of any blog posts. So your main focus should be getting shares from G+, but FB and Twitter are also required.

If you don’t want to do the hard work, there are many freelancers available through which you can get more social signals. Though I don’t recommend it, but for an event based niche blogging, you can use them.

You can also ask your friends to share the content to get more social signals for your blog. This will significantly boost your search rankings and help you get more traffic to your blog.

Wrapping Up

So this was a post about Advanced SEO Techniques which you need to know to rank your content. Hope you liked it and must’ve shared it with your friends.

What do you think about these points? What was your experience after using these techniques? Share your thoughts through comments, and I’ll definitely reply them 🙂

Thanks & Good Luck 🙂