If you are reading this article, then your main reason is how to use your travel blog to make decent revenue or maybe how to make extra money, in case you are already making cash out it. Today I will tell you about the seven self-tested methods to make money which is directly related to your travel blog. No matter if you have a decent amount of traffic or no.

1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The common CPC or PPC advertiser is Google Adsense. It allows you to have banner ads on your site.

When viewer clicks on ad, you get paid. The amount you get paid depends on the location of the viewers and keyword value of advertisement. Normally you’ll make a few dollars per click. Adsense will give ads based on content, so you must choose right keywords. Relevant ads increase the probability of viewer clicking the advertisement. I run a travel blog at Reign Tours and I mostly get ads of resorts and holiday packages which matches the interests of my readers and thereby get good ad clicks.

You can sign up for Adsense so that it’ll let you select area where the ads appear on your blog. The top of your sidebar is one of the best positions to place a banner ad. Ads placed at the top of your website usually get more clicks than ads at the bottom. Another great place for ads is right below a blog post headline.

2. Sponsored Posts/Guest Posts

For websites with more audience, advertisers will bid sponsored posts. The advertisers provide you the post with links for sponsored ads in it. A website gets higher page rank with more popularity and there comes more money. You will get good sponsored post deals once you have a good traffic along with good Domain and Page authority.

Mentioning the disclaimer to the advertiser makes the deal bit secured and makes the viewers understand that it’s paid content.

3. Product Reviews

If it fits your niche, you can go with writing paid reviews on products and services which you think might interest your readers.  When it comes to travel blog you can easily get review deals from hotels, resorts, tour operators etc. Also, it is important for you to always give out such posts to your readers.. Even more important thing is that you write honest reviews so that you never comprise the trust of your readers just for a few more money.

Websites like Sponsored Reviews are helpful in finding advertisers, who are ready to give money for a particular product review post.

4. Write an eBook

Creating your own eBook is one of the most efficient ways to monetize your blog. Many guides on “Places to visit in a destination”, “Best resorts in a destination” are very famous on the web. You can sell your eBooks on Google, Amazon, the Apple store, E-Junkie, or even on your website. It is a great method which does not require any investment other than your own time. Also once written, you can update it once or twice a year and earn money for years after that. The one thing you should make sure is that write quality content.

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5. Banner Ads

The most lucrative kind of advertising is to provide banner space and text links straight to advertisers especially when you are on travel niche as you can get banner ads from resorts, hotels, travel agencies working in your niche destination. You can place them in the sidebar, your footer, or directly within blog posts on your website. It is well seen that placing links in the footer of your website’s homepage works best at times, under some section called “Resources & Partners.” That sounds quite great. Some of them are bought by a few advertisers; where others are affiliate links that you may add yourselves. But as with all advertising, I suggest you test various locations to see what works best. Another smart strategy is to go through other blogs in your industry and sort out who   advertises on their blogs. When you find one such which might be a good fit, search for their contact details and provide them an offer.

You may also show them that you sell banner space by adding one box on your sidebar of the website that says “Advertise Here”

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is indeed a great method to fetch extra bucks   and create a passive   income path. But what exactly is affiliate? It is a performance-based marketing trick, where a business gives an affiliate to your website for every visitor that you get them. Like, you earn money for referring your readers to other websites.

Think about your dominant products and then write about them. But make sure to only recommend and refer products that you truly like. You can also create a resource page on your website, in where you can list all the products you use.

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Best Affiliate Programs

Booking.com affiliate: booking.com is indeed a popular name in the market as their affiliate is open for any individual who owns a blog, mobile app or a travel agency. Also, they offer the best offer suitable for you

Trip Advisor affiliate program: whenever one plans for a trip or vacations, they often check Trip Advisor. Being a part of their affiliate program may help very helpful as you may use their content on your site and link back using and external link. This benefits you with 50% of the commission and many more benefits

Agoda affiliate program: agoda owns almost a quarter million properties which surely makes the presence of this program in this list. The affiliate program is available for everyone but the mandatory part is one need to have a website or a blog. The approval process normally takes 2-3 days

There are many more affiliates like the Skyscanner.com affiliate, AirB&B referral program, ShareASale program, Amazon associates, etc.

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7. Travel Consultation:

If you become a master in your site’s field of view, you can start offering consulting services. Think about the stuff that you know completely; think what your friends and family always asks you for. You can offer coaching for an hourly rate to help people reach their dreams. It is appreciably difficult to sell such offers when you first start a blog. You need to earn the trust of a dedicated group of viewers and readers.