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7 Ways to Monetize a Travel Blog

Travel Blog

If you are reading this article, then your main reason is how to use your travel blog to make decent revenue or maybe how to make extra money, in case you are already making cash out it. Today I will tell you about the seven self-tested methods to make money which is directly related to your travel blog. No matter if you have a decent amount of traffic or no.

1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The common CPC or PPC advertiser is Google Adsense. It allows you to have banner ads on your site.

When viewer clicks on ad, you get paid. The amount you get paid depends on the location of the viewers and keyword value of advertisement. Normally you’ll make a few dollars per click. Adsense will give ads based on content, so you must choose right keywords. Relevant ads increase the probability of viewer clicking the advertisement. I run a travel blog at Reign Tours and I mostly get ads of resorts and holiday packages which matches the interests of my readers and thereby get good ad clicks.

You can sign up for Adsense so that it’ll let you select area where the ads appear on your blog. The top of your sidebar is one of the best positions to place a banner ad. Ads placed at the top of your website usually get more clicks than ads at the bottom. Another great place for ads is right below a blog post headline.

2. Sponsored Posts/Guest Posts

For websites with more audience, advertisers will bid sponsored posts. The advertisers provide you the post with links for sponsored ads in it. A website gets higher page rank with more popularity and there comes more money. You will get good sponsored post deals once you have a good traffic along with good Domain and Page authority.

Mentioning the disclaimer to the advertiser makes the deal bit secured and makes the viewers understand that it’s paid content.

3. Product Reviews

If it fits your niche, you can go with writing paid reviews on products and services which you think might interest your readers.  When it comes to travel blog you can easily get review deals from hotels, resorts, tour operators etc. Also, it is important for you to always give out such posts to your readers.. Even more important thing is that you write honest reviews so that you never comprise the trust of your readers just for a few more money.

Websites like Sponsored Reviews are helpful in finding advertisers, who are ready to give money for a particular product review post.

4. Write an eBook

Creating your own eBook is one of the most efficient ways to monetize your blog. Many guides on “Places to visit in a destination”, “Best resorts in a destination” are very famous on the web. You can sell your eBooks on Google, Amazon, the Apple store, E-Junkie, or even on your website. It is a great method which does not require any investment other than your own time. Also once written, you can update it once or twice a year and earn money for years after that. The one thing you should make sure is that write quality content.

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5. Banner Ads

The most lucrative kind of advertising is to provide banner space and text links straight to advertisers especially when you are on travel niche as you can get banner ads from resorts, hotels, travel agencies working in your niche destination. You can place them in the sidebar, your footer, or directly within blog posts on your website. It is well seen that placing links in the footer of your website’s homepage works best at times, under some section called “Resources & Partners.” That sounds quite great. Some of them are bought by a few advertisers; where others are affiliate links that you may add yourselves. But as with all advertising, I suggest you test various locations to see what works best. Another smart strategy is to go through other blogs in your industry and sort out who   advertises on their blogs. When you find one such which might be a good fit, search for their contact details and provide them an offer.

You may also show them that you sell banner space by adding one box on your sidebar of the website that says “Advertise Here”

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is indeed a great method to fetch extra bucks   and create a passive   income path. But what exactly is affiliate? It is a performance-based marketing trick, where a business gives an affiliate to your website for every visitor that you get them. Like, you earn money for referring your readers to other websites.

Think about your dominant products and then write about them. But make sure to only recommend and refer products that you truly like. You can also create a resource page on your website, in where you can list all the products you use.

Read our article “Improve The Search Engine Ranking For Your Blog Posts” for understanding more about SEO.

Best Affiliate Programs affiliate: is indeed a popular name in the market as their affiliate is open for any individual who owns a blog, mobile app or a travel agency. Also, they offer the best offer suitable for you

Trip Advisor affiliate program: whenever one plans for a trip or vacations, they often check Trip Advisor. Being a part of their affiliate program may help very helpful as you may use their content on your site and link back using and external link. This benefits you with 50% of the commission and many more benefits

Agoda affiliate program: agoda owns almost a quarter million properties which surely makes the presence of this program in this list. The affiliate program is available for everyone but the mandatory part is one need to have a website or a blog. The approval process normally takes 2-3 days

There are many more affiliates like the affiliate, AirB&B referral program, ShareASale program, Amazon associates, etc.

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7. Travel Consultation:

If you become a master in your site’s field of view, you can start offering consulting services. Think about the stuff that you know completely; think what your friends and family always asks you for. You can offer coaching for an hourly rate to help people reach their dreams. It is appreciably difficult to sell such offers when you first start a blog. You need to earn the trust of a dedicated group of viewers and readers.

Hello Readers, Welcome to BlogDada :) I am Pavitra Kumar, A Internet Marketer by Profession and A Blogger by Passion. Young active Blogger from India, Write about Blogging SEO Tips, Review of products and many more. This blog for anyone who runs their own blog or wants to Become A Blogger. Know More About Me.



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    Hi Sir!
    Really Good post ! Appreciate it.
    Well I have a doubt/question “Which hosting is best for event blogging? I am doing event blogging on Fifa World Cup 2018.”

    P.S I have tweeted this great post.

  2. siful moni

    June 29, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    Nowadays travel blog is another popular niche to start a blog. Not only these 5 ways people can make money with their blog but also can serve as a travel guide and sale traveling information along with ebook on different traveling purpose.

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4 Top Websites for Buying More SoundCloud Followers

Buying SoundCloud Followers

Extra followers on your SoundCloud channel always feel great. It feels like there are many people that appreciate your music. So, how can we get those extra followers? You can use natural methods to build followers number naturally. But, that would be too long. The simple solution is you just need to buy followers. Below, we have several websites that offer good service for buying SoundCloud followers.


This is one of the best places to buy SoundCloud followers. They have several packages you can choose. Each of them has different numbers of followers you can get. You can get at least 1000 followers with the cheaper package. And, up to 10,000 followers for the most expensive package. You can find more about these packages from this link,

The good thing about this place is you can get the followers you bought faster. It’s just a few hours after you buy them, you will get them. Unlike other places that need 24 hours or even longer, this is one of the fastest services you can find.


This is one of the best places for buying SoundCloud followers at the most affordable price. Moreover, they also provide complete service that will help you a lot. For example, they can build the followers number naturally. It’s not fast, but at least your follower’s growth is normal.

Once you purchase their service, they will start the campaign. You can see the result between 1 to 2 days. One of the most interesting services is the custom packages. Unlike other websites that provide fixed numbers of followers, with this custom package you can set the number of followers that you want to get. Of course, the price will be different than the standard package.

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The best about this website is their customer support. You just need to call them, and they will help you with anything. If you buy followers for the first time, they even provide the tutorial on how to use their service. It will help you a lot.


Here, you can find a package that offers most of the followers than other websites. You can easily get up to 100k followers using this service. The best of all, they are all real followers. They are coming from the private network. Therefore, you don’t need to worry or doubt their authenticity.

The price is quite affordable. Moreover, you also can get the followers faster. You can buy the followers using anonymous status. So, for privacy protection and such, this website is one of the best. The best of all is their 30-days money back guarantee. If you think you don’t get the followers that you bought or the followers’ number dropped down, you can always get your money back.


If you have a limited budget or you want to get the variety of payment plan, this is the place you can visit. They offer their service at an affordable price. Moreover, they also have several budget options you can choose, from a single payment to the several months’ payment period. The good thing is you can get a discount when you use the monthly payment.

Buy Real Marketing itself has more than 100k followers on their SoundCloud channel. They use their followers to help your campaign. So, you don’t need to worry about fake followers here. You get real followers and the best of all, they grow naturally. This no-instant-method will help you to create a buzz. And, in the end, your content will become viral content.

When you try to build followers number naturally, usually you must follow back many accounts. At Buy Real Marketing, you don’t need to do that. So, you just need to buy from this website. Then, you can focus on your music. Create a good content and let the followers come to your channel naturally.


Those 4 are an only small part of the service that can help you to get more SoundCloud followers. There are actually more websites that have similar service on the internet. You can use them in comparison with the service we explained above. It helps you choose the place for buying SoundCloud followers easily, without wasting your time, energy, and money.


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6 Popular Oral Health Myths Debunked

Oral Health Myths

A bright smile and fresh breath are what everyone seeks when it comes to oral health. With celebs flashing their flawless pearly whites in the compelling ads, it is obvious to feel the urge of keeping our teeth clean and bright.

But when it comes to dental hygiene and treatment, there are countless myths that are circulating far and wide. Whether it is old wives’ tales regarding the tooth loss or quick fix for the cavity, it makes difficult for people to distinguish the myths from the facts.

If you too are puzzled about what you should and shouldn’t do for your dental care, don’t fret.  Here we are going to put an end to the misinformation by debunking some popular and commonly believed dental myths. Here we go!

Brushing Too Hard Can Help You Get Cleaner Teeth

It is quite common in people to think that the harder you brush your teeth, the cleaner it gets. But the truth is, heavy brushing can cause tooth wear and gum recession.  

It will erode enamel that protects your teeth from cavities and decay.  So, it is recommended to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and avoid over-brushing. Also, be gentle while brushing to reduce the risk of decay.

Flossing Isn’t Really Important

Pretty much false. By avoiding the flossing, you are inviting the bacteria to settle in your mouth. That means you are more likely to get cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. If you are not flossing your teeth regularly, you will have gingivitis, and your gum may start to bleed the next time you brush or floss.

It Is Better To Avoid Dental Treatment During Pregnancy

This is one of the biggest myths that are believed by the majority of people. During pregnancy, the dramatic hormonal change can affect your oral health. However, the risk of receiving x-rays during this time makes them skip the dental checkup. But they shouldn’t do that.

It is okay to have dental treatments any time during pregnancy but the best time for any elective procedure is the second trimester. As far as the exposure of X-rays during a dental radiograph is concerned, it is not sufficient to cause any harm to your fetus.  

Bleeding Gums Are Normal

It is not true. Remember, healthy gums shouldn’t bleed unless you are scrubbing it with steel wool. If your gums are bleeding out of nowhere, it can be a sign of gum disease.

Usually, people think it is normal for the gums to bleed while brushing or flossing. But the fact is, gum bleeding is one of the main causes of tooth loss. So, next time when you will see your gum bleeding, make an appointment to see your dentist.

White Tooth Is an Indication of Healthy Teeth

Absolutely not! You might have shiny white teeth that are pleasant to look at but don’t take it as an indicator of its health.

Sometimes, severely decayed or infected teeth can also appear white. So, the only way to make sure your teeth are healthy is to go for regular dental checkups and opt for diagnostic imaging such as X-rays to examine the structure of teeth.

Cavities Go Away On Their Own

If you follow good dental hygiene, a cavity will get better without getting a filling, right? Wrong. Do you know 65 percent of third graders have cavities in Chicago? And the worst part is, more than half go untreated. However, visiting the dentist in Chicago is the first thing they should have done to treat the cavity.

Unfortunately, this is a common misconception of what a cavity is. When the outer layer of the tooth is eaten away by the acids produced by bacteria in the mouth, it forms holes in the hard outer layer of a tooth.

And once you get a cavity, it is not going to reseal on its own. Until the tooth is cleaned out to remove the bacteria and filled in, it will continue to decay. Good dental hygiene can stop the cavities to occur by removing bacteria before it causes any decay, but it can’t fix the teeth cavities that already exist.

Wrapping Up

Now that we’ve debunked these myths, it is time to put an end to these old wives tales about your oral care. Make sure to have a regular dental checkup to look out for any warning signs. Whether it is a toothache or bleeding gums, it is necessary to go for a routine dental check-up.  


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Business Ideas with Low Investment

Business Ideas with Low Investment

For a country to prosper, it is crucial that its small and medium businesses thrive without any government support. Today numerous people are looking for starting their own business instead of working for a company with a regular 9 to 5 job. It doesn’t matter what educational qualification you have or whether you are currently employed or unemployed. Anyone who wants to spring their own business can read this article to know Business Ideas that they can start with an investment with low investment.

1. Food Truck

Easiest and profitable business to start is a food truck. In India, Food Truck business is growing in high rate. You can quickly begin this business with an investment amount of Rs 1 lakh. A significant chunk of your investment will go into getting licenses and permits. Other expenses like procuring raw material and the commercial vehicle wouldn’t cost that much. You can rent a four-wheeler as you don’t have to buy. As far as human resources concerned you along with 2-3 members of your family would be enough for Food Truck business. You can collaborate with some vendor for a discounted price on raw materials.

2. Food Catering Business

You can start a food catering business if you find food truck business difficult. Here you prepare various dishes on order and then deliver it to customers at their doorsteps. You don’t need an exclusive license or permit like Food Truck business, and you can also start tiffin services.

However, you do require a catering license. For occasions like marriage, birthday parties, anniversaries, and many people will order dishes from you, and you need to deliver them. To get started you need a kitchen, raw materials, few staff members and a budget for marketing (like distributing pamphlets and sticking bills).

3. Tea Stall, Fruit Juice Kiosk and Snack Joint

This is a trendy business idea under 1 lakh. You don’t need anything extra to know about starting a tea stall or a fruit juice shop or a snack joint. Important things to get started are Choosing the right location, Raw material, Rent a Space. Also, you don’t need any extra license is the best part of this business.

4. Tailoring and Laundering Business

Tailoring and laundering business requires a meager amount of investment. For opening a tailoring shop, you need a few sewing machines and a staff of 3 to 4 people. You can also launder and iron clothes. Tailoring and laundering business is straightforward to get started.

5. Newspaper Distributor

Newspaper Distribution business is a profitable business. A newspaper vendor earns a profit of 30% – 40% commission for per copy. As a newspaper vendor, you have to collect newspapers from distributor early in the morning by paying cash upfront and delivery of the newspapers on time. you

6. Pest Control Services

Pest Controllers demand is growing from homes and commercial buildings which have made Pest control service a very lucrative business. If you can establish a client base, then your business can thrive in a short period.

7. Human Resource Services

If you have worked for Multi-National Companies, then you would know the importance of hiring the right kind of employees. As an HR (Human Resource) firm, you can tie up with various MNC’s and help them to recruit the right type of employees with necessary skill. You get a commission on each hiring. To start an HR business, you don’t need much, just office space and a budget for advertising in various newspapers.

9. Day Childcare

Nowadays in cities, Parents are too busy and can’t look after their child on their own during the daytime. Hence, they need someone who can take care of their child also educate them while they are out. So Day childcare is one of the best business options with low investment.

10. Tuition and Hobby Classes

Tuition classes which are also known as coaching centers are ubiquitous all around the country. You can start taking classes for students of all the level from 1 to 10 or even 10+2 or however you want. Apart from regular courses, you can also teach singing, dancing, acting, painting and other hobbies in which students are interested.

Final Words:

So these were some of the business Ideas which you can start with a minimum investment. The new age of business demands low Investment Business Ideas with maximal financial gains. With the modern economy and new business innovations, even the small players in the game, with little in their hand to start up a business, can fare quite well. Small business ideas, with low financial requirements, however, they need you to think outside of the box. You will also need to register your business under Private Limited Company registration, LLP registration or any other business entity Once again I’m reiterating that you should consider a business according to your experience in a given line of work.

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