Nowadays, many people are quitting jobs and blogging, and the trend will increase the future. However, people who aren’t aware of the various methods they can monetize their blog. Where people have definitely shown their interest in writing for all types of topics be it technical or non-technical. If you someone one who is passionate about writing, and want to earn from it too below are some tips that you would want to know.

When it comes to creating a blog, it is free and you can add content as per your wish, anytime. But the thing one must keep it in mind is if you want to earn money and live your life on your own terms then it’s important to monetize it too.

When it comes to a blogging, things change very quickly. To earn money through Monetizing Your Blog, you need to try different monetization methods out. Because not everything might work out for you. Here are few methods you might want to try out.

#1. Get Paid Through Product Reviews

After your blog gets the attraction you have an option for getting paid for reviewing products too (depends on your niche too). You can collaborate with big companies get paid to review their products.

You can find a lot of companies by just a simple Google search that pays for reviewing their products. Start the Perfect Micro Niche Blogging, These include both a physical product as well as a digital product (software, service etc).

They might approach you or you would have to reach out to them. For the latter either you can mail them personally or use a third party website such as GetReviewed.

#2. Bring Adsense on Your Website

Once the blog is created but people who want to earn money through a blog, then it requires an Adsense. To get an Adsense approval, it is important for you to create an established website first. You need a lot of traffic to generate a decent amount from Adsense. Many newbies have a conception that after getting approval they can earn a ton from Adsense but it’s very wrong.

After Monetizing Your Blog has enough content and traffic, you can apply for Adsense and get approval successfully. You can earn from Adsense through impressions as well as a number of clicks that generate Ad revenue.

#3. Conduct Online Workshops

If you love sharing your knowledge and educate more and more people, then you host online workshops. Yes, you can get ready for a particular topic relating to your niche and get it validated by your audience.

If you think you are ready to proceed, then conducting online workshops can help you generate a lot of revenue without many difficulties. It will also help you to make a strong bond between you and your readers.

#4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing! This is one of the easiest and simplest ways of earning online. Just find a product that has an affiliate program and applies for it.

This can be for a digital product as well as a for a Physical Product. The rates vary from network to network.

One of the best sites to earn through affiliate marketing is

#5. Give Consulting

Are you good at doing something?

Well, there are chances that many people and companies out there that might not be good at that thing.

You can help them by providing your opinion on something. This is a little different from working for them. You just need to give your feedback or share your strategies.

Most people charge hourly but you change this according to your preferences.

#6. Create an Ebook or a Course

When you have enough traffic and readers you can create your own products such as an Ebook or an Online course. Selling an e-book is considered to be one of the best ways to generate income from your blog. No, you need not be a writer to do this, just try to help people and add value.

Just to create a proper plan for creating a course or an Ebook. Creating courses and Ebooks need a lot of time so its necessary to validate your idea and get feedback. Also, don’t forget to promote it through Fb Ads etc.  

You can read the post where it compares online course platforms like Udemy etc. Choosing a correct one is very important.


When it comes to earning money through your blog, you will need to try and test different methods. You do not need to be an expert to survive in this field. Make Money With A Blog: All you need to start monetizing your blog and keep growing.

Remember not to keep all your eggs in one basket. Thanks!

If you have any doubts, leave them below in the comments section.