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5 Ways to Finding Out What Your Blog Audience Wants

Blog Audience

Blogging has become one of the fastest and most rising ways for writers to express their words by writing online. One can communicate his ideas to millions all over the world in time. So, do you have a blog and you feel that your audience is not getting enough from you?

Well, you need not worry, you are not alone because there are many other bloggers out there who feel the same. We all have ideas that we would love to express in our various blogs.

However, are they what our audiences like to read? Now, today we will have you enlightened with tips on how to find out what your blog audience wants.

1. Use Social Media to identify exciting topics.

Social media is a potent tool. People are making conversations from every corner of the globe. Every minute, every second there is a trending topic that arises. To gauge what your audience would love to read, this is the place to start. Visit various sites of social media platforms and find the multiple feeds that are trending.

Media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can be a powerful tool when it comes to finding an interesting topic. In Twitter, you can find a trending topic in Hashtags. You are at liberty to search the hashtag of your niche and see the issues that people are talking more. You can also look at the questions that are frequently asked. Now, these are the topics that one can use as people are interested in learning about the answers to their raised questions.

2. Start thinking from a reader’s point of view.

To be an excellent writer who captivates the audience, you will have to think like them. Imagine when you started blogging, and you had no idea about the niche that you had chosen to venture into. What did you want to learn most about them and what were the thrilling topics?

Now, you have become an expert, and you know the issues that you would love to read more and more. This is how it works with the audience. There is always that one topic that they would never miss. Think of those topics and give them to your readers. When you come up with ideas from the readers’ point of view, your blog will be ever suitable for various readers.

3. Engage with your blog audience through social media.

Everyone with a smartphone is on a social media platform. Various social media platforms are famously known for having a huge public following. Facebook, for instance, is the first social media network that has beaten a record of 1 billion accounts that are registered and has over 2 billion active users every month. This is a robust platform for a blogger to engage with his audience by asking questions.

You can create a page on such a site and redirect your audience from the blog site to the social media page. Here, you can frequently pose questions to your followers about the topics they would love to read from your blog.

You can ask the views about particular topics or ask questions about their opinions on specific issues. Also, you can conduct surveys through these platforms by giving them multiple choices to choose items they would love to read.

4. Use your competitors’ blog to identify high engagement topics.

Every blogger has a fellow blogger whom they admire more so those in the same niches. Now, if you would love to captivate your audience, you can find out what these other blogs are giving their audience. Go for blogs that have a considerable readership following and pick ideas from the topics they are providing their audiences and what the viewers are interacting on.

5. Request for feedback from readers.

After every blog post ensure you finalize the article with a feedback option. Request the readers to leave comments on how you can make the writing better to suit their thirst. Ask them about what they think regarding your topic choice. You can always remember to give them your email address and ask them to feel free to mail you with any ideas that can help you give them the best writing to smile about.


With the above five tips, you are assured of gathering out what your audience has been yearning for all along. You will see your readership audience increasing because you will be giving out what people want.

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